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Here you will find helpful information and tools to ensure your success with RepairLink. Bookmark this page! This resource will be updated frequently.


Recent Updates:

The OnCommand Parts Information powered by RepairLink is available to all automotive mechanical shops in addition to the customers you have now! 

What does this mean for you?

If you haven't already, please watch the refresher RepairLink webinars (see right). This webinar reviews RepairLink basics and how you can leverage this eCommerce platform to gain more parts customers. Automotive mechanical shops, in addition to the heavy duty customers you sell to now, will be able to view your parts inventory and order directly from you online via RepairLink.

Additionally, please review the buyer-side webinar that shows how your customers buy parts from you via

To view a full list of USA eligible parts, click here. 

To view a fill list of Canada eligible parts, click here

Quick refreshers:

Interested in adding DMS integration? Click here.

RepairLink Communications


The Buyer-side of RepairLink is LIVE! Here's what to do:

  • Prior to communicating to your customers, make sure you have completed your RepairLink set up. Log into RepairLink through your existing SSO Portal and complete your set up with the self-guiding instructions.
  • Review the In-Depth Training webinar recording.

  • Begin communicating and marketing to your customers:
    - Email customers using this email saying you're on RepairLink and you want them to join.
    - Use Marketing flyers provided here.

Weekly emails you'll receive:

Emails for your customers:


  • Customer Success  
    1:1 support for your Parts Department to help drive business outcomes for your Wholesale and Retail solutions.

  • Customer Support: 888.776.5792 x2
    Live 1:1 support to help talk you through technical and workflow related questions.  Available via chat, phone and email.

  • Learning Center 
    With the Learning Center, see what your shop sees, best practices, how to process orders, and more!

  • Help Center
    OEC has a comprehensive Help Center built right into every solution. You can access it from the top right corner of any screen, any time when you're looking for answers to all your training, support, and troubleshooting questions.
RepairLink tips:
  • Set up buyer pricing and inventory visibility along with new customer and new order notifications
  • Educate counter staff and ensure they're comfortable with RepairLink so they can respond to orders promptly
  • Own your current customer base! Focus on your those buyers you do business with the most.
  • Utilize the OEC RepairLink Marketing Tools
  • Offer recurring promotions to engaging buyers, like gift cards, free lunch, percent off for a limited time, etc.
Sell more parts to new customers: 
See in action: