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Integrate OEC with your DMS

DMS Connect® streamlines order processing by integrating your DMS system with OEC. Processing orders directly through OEC gives your staff back time to get more done and helps ensure accuracy order after order. 

What features are available with my current OEC solutions?
DMS COnnect for NAvistar
Use DMS sell price on OEC orders 
  • Save time by eliminating the need to verify customer selling prices in your DMS
  • Avoid pricing mistakes and improve customer satisfaction
Access your real-time inventory 
  • Make faster and more accurate selling decisions by knowing your current quantity on hand

Display your real-time inventory 

  • Stand out from competition by providing real-time information as opposed to daily
  • Grow marketplace reputation with inventory dependability

Create quotes in DMS from OEC orders 

  • Save significant time throughout the day by not having to re-type orders in your DMS
  • Avoid mistakes which minimizes costly returns and improves customer satisfaction through reliability