OEC Insurance Solutions

OEC eliminates pain points in the insurance claims process.


OEC Insurance Solutions understands the typical claims model is rapidly becoming obsolete. That's why our solutions simplify the complex collision repair ecosystem by connecting industry stakeholders through a more efficient workflow environment.

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OEC Insurance Solutions

Award-winning technology that drives safe repairs, reduces cycle time, improves financials, and increases vehicle owner satisfaction.


Integrated claims processing solutions that meet your unique needs with your internal and external partners, creating a hybrid claims processing solution that optimizes the process and manages indemnity through the claim lifecycle. OEC Insurance Solutions for insurance companies include:

  • Total Loss Workbook
    Calculate state taxes and fees based upon vehicle ACV that is compliant across all 51 jurisdictions.
    Total Loss Workbook Flyer

  • GEO Labor Rate & Tax Guide
    Labor & tax rates differ by state and zip code, making the repair rates difficult to pin down. The OEC Geo Labor Rate & Tax Guide, a cloud-based application, uses location specific information to calculate repair labor & tax rates for any address.
    GEO Labor Rate & Tax Guide Flyer

  • DeskRev 
    DeskRev supports efficient estimate reviews or audits from any estimating platform, allowing users to catch included operation overwrites, exceptions to policy guidelines, and display prevailing rates & parts availability. Plus, DeskRev includes historical rates & parts based on the date of loss.
    DeskRev Flyer 

  • Enterprise Workflow
    Enterprise Workflow with Customer Shop of Choice provides the ability to electronically communicate with shops outside insurer network, while ensuring compliance with policies & procedures.
    Enterprise Workflow Flyer

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OEC Insurance Solutions Partnerships

OEC Insurance Solutions provides our partners with the ability to integrate disparate applications and optimize efficiency for our mutual customers. These solutions provide a portfolio of data metrics that allow our partners to better serve their customers.



Working closely with leaders in the repair industry, OEC Insurance Solutions plays an integral role in ensuring a streamlined claims process



OEC Insurance Solutions work with leading companies to offer users a more streamlined workflow

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About OEC

OEC connects those involved in the vehicle parts and repair ecosystem, so they finally have an easier way to get their job done. They get access to the network and data needed to transform selling, sourcing, leasing, managing, billing, and claims. 

Our solutions improve communications, facilitate seamless cooperation between trading partners, and, ultimately, produce satisfied customers - all centered around safer, more efficient repairs that adhere to the industry's best practices and mutually agreed upon compliance.

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