Marketing Services

Our in-house team handles all of your online promotion. We put all Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords, and Keyword plans into place.



High Performing / Mobile Friendly Website

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to search for parts online. Having a mobile-friendly website is incredibly important to capture as many customers as possible.


Data Directly from OEM

We get cost information directly from OEMs allowing you to price parts accurately and achieve your margin goals. With this accuracy, you will have the confidence and flexibility for aggressive pricing strategies.


Efficient Setup, Integration, and Reporting

We know how busy dealerships are so we made the setup of ConsumerLink Pro as seamless as possible. You will be ready to process part orders from the familiar OEC interface.

"Consumerlink Pro has been a great asset for us. We have been able to move many parts that we otherwise wouldn't have."

Cliff P, Parts Manager, Havre Ford


“Customers tell me all the time that our site is easy to navigate. We never have an issue finding parts – the site is streamlined and easy to use. When customers call in with part numbers, we’re able to navigate and find what they need quickly.” 
Chris G., Parts Manager, Lakeland Ford


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