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CollisionLink Broker connects smash repairers directly with vehicle manufacturers through specially designed software, allowing smash repairers to receive accurate and instant parts quotations, enabling the repairer to make the best decision in regards to parts ordering.

CollisionLink Broker is also the fastest solution for Total Loss Avoidance on the market, and is completely free of charge for smash repairers and authorised repairers.




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Benefits For OEMs & Dealerships

  • Total Loss Avoidance - Identifies vehicles that are close to being written off & automatically helps to save them
  • Build Relationships - Encourages a closer relationship between the OEM and smash repairers
  • Increase Parts Sales - Only promotes the sale of genuine parts, never green or recycled parts
  • In Depth Market Intelligence - Provides insights
    such as lost sales, total loss vehicles and price elasticity
  • Reduce Workflow - Can verify part numbers & provide accurate quotes, freeing up time



Benefits For Smash Repairers

  • Competitive Pricing - Providing the most competitive pricing on selected genuine OE parts from 37 OEMs globally 
  • VIN Validated - All part numbers and prices are VIN validated
  • Total Loss Avoidance - Save borderline cars with CollisionLink Broker’s Total Loss Avoidance initiative
  • Free of Charge - CollisionLink Broker is completely free of charge for smash repairers and authorised repairers